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  • Melissa Sabol

Hi-Tec-C Pens for Designers

AT DESIGN CONSULTING is in love with these Hi-Tec-C pens. Here's why...

Our CEO Annie has been using these pens for years. Recently, during a meeting I saw her using the Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm pen. I thought it was a pencil. I did a double take and realized it was a pen. The pen wrote with such precision and there was no smearing. I’m not really a romantic, but Neil Diamond's “I’m a Believer” may have started playing in my head. It was love.

It’s likely that due to my career beginning as a civil drafter that I developed an appreciation for precision. I needed something precise for the large amount of technical writing. Where have you been for my entire life pen?

Of course I may just have a deep rooted obsession with writing technology.

Sadly I’ve had a bit of difficulty in finding one. These pens are extremely popular in Japan. That’s not surprising though. A pen that’s simple, refillable, and has sizes that range all the way down to 0.25mm? You’ve got a hit in that market. In fact JetPens is so proud of how evidently popular their pens are in Japan that they brag about it on the Hi-Tec-C pen’s product page. So hey, that’s good for them. They also mention how the pens are highly sought after in the US but are very difficult to find in stores.

They aren’t kidding either. A search of local office supply stores led me to come up empty handed. If these pens are so highly sought after, maybe they should be making more strides to get them into stores. Could be some money in it….

Got a pen fetish like I do? Check out this comprehensive guide. I do mean comprehensive. This guide is huge and has tons of information. Very satisfying to a fetish I must say.

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