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  • Shahen Halebian

Beautifying Assisted Living

Renovating buildings is one of our favorite things. There is magic in Restoring - Revitalizing - Renewing existing structures. One moment you have an ordinary or less than ordinary building and then abracadabra (poof!) you have what looks like a brand new, shiny building. Even the most minor improvements, if done correctly, can change the energy of the occupants and even the neighborhood.

AT Design Consulting is designing color/material palettes to refresh existing structures that meets the needs of age sensitive residents.

Independent Living – Assisted Living – Memory Care

Our specifications are mindful of “People” and “Places”, taking into consideration the transitional needs of its residents as well as the historical requirements of the building, the economics of the project and relationship to the existing community.

Contact us to learn how AT Design Consulting can assist you with your age-focused projects.

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